The cannabis industry is currently experiencing explosive growth. With such a high value product, achieving maximum yields in the most efficient way is now the name of the game. It is vital to capture every gram of product, so dilutions and dispensing must be precise. “Good enough” isn’t really good enough, when the next best alternative is expensive product waste and dissatisfied customers.

If you are in the process chain of transforming hemp into distillate, isolate or full-spectrum cannabinoids for consumables and other products, Zenith is the optimal choice for downstream processing with proven pumping technology to enhance the success of your enterprise. The original precision metering gear pump OEM since 1926, and still the industry leader, Zenith can help set up a pumping workflow to your exacting requirements from an unbeatable foundation of precision, repeatability and reliability.

While many gear pump applications are designed for simple transfer of viscous liquids, Zenith gear pumps are manufactured as precision instruments. The pump is in itself an active precision flowmeter. Volumetric output of your fluid is metered and moved with precise flows from 0.25 to 100 cc/min/port at a consistent output; all streams will maintain equal dosing accuracy. Zenith’s manufacturing artisans are known for achieving the tightest pumping clearances in the industry, measured in microns, to maximize pump efficiency. Zenith pumps handle temperatures as high as 950° F and as low as -40° F, and viscous fluids up to 2,000,000 cSt – all while maintaining an industry leading volumetric accuracy in flow of less than 1%

Zenith precision metering pumps are the solution you are seeking when you need to get product out of plant material, or get product into a consumable:


Batch by batch, Zenith gear pumps in your extraction process will move product in a precise, pulseless, repeatable flow, down to the last drop – without losing a drop. If your process uses supercooling, there are different possibilities for jacketing for temperature control and reduce viscosities between batches.


For continuous feed systems, where precise and continuous flow are critical (and high oil viscosities are present), Zenith gear pumps provide the perfect solution. Operated in a VFD driven system, Zenith pumps offer scalability as your output requirements change.


Whether your line is gummies, topicals, soft drinks or one of many other edibles, tinctures or vaping products, overdosing or underdosing ingredients is not an acceptable option for a profitable business. Precision equals profit, while repeatable, accurate dosing creates satisfied customers. Why deal with the complexity and expense of more than one pump when Zenith dispensing solutions give you just one inlet and anywhere from two to 64 discharge points all with exactly the same metered flow.

A further benefit: Zenith’s optimized internal porting eliminates fluid stagnation points where bacterial growth can occur. Using proprietary high-vanadium stainless steel that offers best-in-class resistance to wear and corrosion, and building on decades of practical application knowledge, Zenith designs and manufactures precision metering gear pumps and systems with features and benefits that go straight to your bottom line.

No matter where you fit in the cannabis process chain, ask Zenith to help you get your system right from the start.

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023