Zenith B9000 Series Precision Metering Gear Pump


Precision metering for evenly scenting plastic bags

With a waste management system in place, the use of plastic rubbish bags is only increasing. So much so that a global fashion company just released its signature trash bags. Consider purchasing a plastic waste bag that smells awful even before you put waste to it. That is definitely a horrible experience. However, a waste bag with scent or a neutral odor is very appealing. Manufacturers today must prioritize premier client satisfaction and exceptional product quality. Do you want to be one of the manufacturers who produces high-quality, uniformly perfumed plastic bags? The best strategy to achieving this goal is outlined below.


The goal of manufacturers when producing plastic bags, particularly waste bags, is to provide the best bags that do not smell like nasty plastic at the lowest feasible cost. This entails precisely managing the amount of scent metered onto the warm melted sheet plastic. The biggest challenge is to establish an efficient system that can uniformly distribute the fragrances with repeatable accuracy. Many questions arise during the production of high-quality scented plastic bags. Is the exact amount of fragrance provided to the process with certainty? Are the pumps providing additives to the process in an erratic pulsing pattern right now? Is an extra extruder line with a vacuum exhaust cover needed to eliminate fumes? Is it more expensive to buy pre-scented pellets? Are the powerful fragrances from the pellets endangering the workers' health? Is it necessary to have different pellet silos for each scent?


The precision gear metering pump system from Zenith provides a continuous pulse-free procedure that ensures accuracy and consistency even at low flow rates. The Zenith B9000 Series pump, which has an accurate, repeatable, pulse-free flow in a compact design, is the ideal solution for effectively metering additives. The B-9000 pumps are available with magnetic drive (mag-drive) sealing, which helps minimize fluid shaft leakage, boosting plant safety and lowering volatile organic compound emissions. The use of a magnetic coupling also minimizes downtime caused by mechanical seal failures and the requirement for buffer fluids.

The pump mechanism delivers a continuous pulse-free method that ensures equal and homogeneous scent dispersion. By adding the scent directly to the bags after they exit the extruder, you may eliminate the requirement for separate pellet silos for each aroma, as well as the need to exhaust the fumes produced by the pellets as they travel from the silos to the extruders.


With Zenith precision metering pumps, you, as a manufacturer of plastic garbage bags, can substantially enhance product quality, achieve a high ROI, minimize energy usage, and save money. The working atmosphere becomes favourable with the Zenith pump, as the effortless distribution of scents minimizes stink and maximizes overall plant performance. A pulse-free process that guarantees equal and uniform fragrance distribution, giving the best-smelling plastic bags in each lot.



Zenith pumps deliver precise, repeatable, and pulse-free flow. Zenith pumps are the perfect answer if you want to cut costs, enhance product quality, and gain consistency.


Zenith is committed to total quality and is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that stringent requirements are met throughout the manufacturing process. Zenith's reputation is built on high-quality pumps and excellent customer service.


Since 1926, Zenith has been designing, manufacturing, and deploying precision gear pumps. Our sales and engineering teams are equipped to take on the most difficult applications.


Zenith provides full pump service, which includes cleaning, reconditioning, rebuilding, and pump conversion. Zenith also has an entire facility dedicated to pump repair, guaranteeing that your pumps are repaired quickly in an emergency.


The Zenith B Series pumps are compactly designed to provide stable, precise and repeatable flow control of process fluid despite variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure.

The 9000 series metering pumps are used with a range of fluids - from general to abrasive to poor lubricating. You will find the 9000 series metering additives, colorants or chemicals in food and beverage, chemical, fiber, pharmaceutical and paint facilities around the world.


Extremely precise and repeatable metering.

Flow stays near constant without need for expensive flow meters and control systems.

Metering under extreme operating conditions, such as high viscosity, high temperature, high pressure.

Pulse free operation.

In-line Pump (No Saddle Mount).

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023