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The plant facility switched from using flying wedges and pistons (less accurate than gear pumps) to increase accuracy and improve repeatability during the continuous application of metering polyol and isocyanate to manufacture flexible polyurethane products like jounce bumpers, top mounts, and spring seat isolators. In the form of foam, polyurethane is crucial and very practical for generating effective vibration and noise deadening insulation products that will be durable and wear resistant yet light in weight. The lack of accuracy and efficiency in the manufacturing process of the polyurethane products had been a problem for years without any real solution to the issue. These production inefficiencies generated unnecessary cost increases in raw materials and manufacturing time, impacting profits and margins.


The customer knew that old machines used to meter polyol and isocyanate to manufacture polyurethane products were not accurate. It was not until an enlightened and experienced engineer who worked for the customer and knew about Zenith pumps suggested making the switch and installing a Zenith gear pump. For almost 100 years, Zenith has provided proven precision fluid handling solutions, and process engineers have relied on our products to deliver solutions to the most challenging pumping applications. Our channel partner representative, Martell Associates, in New England, served the customer for many years with other products and services. This time around, they took on the challenge and found the perfect gear pump to improve manufacturing efficiencies for the customer. Martell Associates recommended they use the Zenith H-9000 series pump because its tool steel construction offered superior abrasion resistance. Many of the polyurethane products contain abrasive particles such as pigments that are small and can rapidly wear parts. The installation of the H-9000 Zenith pump generated high accuracy and precision by generating a stable, repeatable, pulseless flow despite varying conditions such as temperature, viscosity, and pressure, ensuring an exact volume per revolution without the need for expensive flow meters. The unique design of the Zenith H-9000 pump can be used on fluids with viscosities of up to 100,000 cps, temperatures up to 950°F (510°C), and a maximum outlet pressure of 2,500 psi.


The new Zenith H-9000 series pump installation saves the customer cost on scrap by eliminating waste, generating better yields and quality, and minimizing product variation. The high volumetric efficiency is achieved with optimized operating clearances and assured under pressure by the built-in alignment dowels. The installation of the pump has also simplified the customer’s product quality and inspection requirements and processes. In addition, Zenith pumps are generally known for their low cost of ownership. With only three moving parts (two metering gears and one driveshaft), and tool steel construction, the pump provides excellent wear resistance, long life, and reduced maintenance, reducing downtime significantly.

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023

© CIRCOR International, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2023